Jason Lilley

Jason Lilley is an experienced Captain with a demonstrated history of working in the maritime industry. Skilled in Negotiating Yacht Sales, Yacht Operations and Lessons, Maritime Safety, and Yacht Management. Strong maritime operations professional with a Master 100 Ton, STCW-95 & Towing endorsement, focused in yachts for charter, the sale and delivery of yachts, yacht management, and lessons to new boat owners, or owners needing assistance with moving up in yacht size.


Whether you need to have captain training for insurance purposes,  plan to live aboard your boat, or just have it for fun with friends and family, I can assist in your learning the most difficult aspect of driving a boat,  disembarking and docking from your slip.  I will give you the confidence you need in order to take the boat out by employing the same techniques I learned to becoming a captain. Additionally, you will learn techniques needed for, mooring and anchoring, proper line handling and tying, using your onboard electronics, proper hailing and distress etiquette, Basic Rules of the Road, understanding local water hazards, VHF radio usage, and more…

$100/hr. – two hour minimum + expenses (parking, travel, etc.)


When it comes to having your yacht delivered, there are many factors involved. It’s not just where you are headed, how much fuel you hold, planning/plotting the trip, submitting a float plan, etc.   How up to date is your GPS plotter, engine service, impellers? Is the owner, friends, or family going to be onboard? What kind of time frame do you have in mind, or when do you need the boat to its location? Is it the best and safest time for your particular boat to make this sort of passage?

The amount of work that goes into the preparations and planning for a passage can be vast! So, before we get into talking cost, let’s talk logistics. Call now to discuss your next move!! Call 619-764-6230 or email to:

Estimated at $600/day +/- (depending on vessel and duration of delivery) + Expenses. Does not include cost of crew or any boat expenses.<

Yacht Management

Starting at $350/mo. minimum – Included but not limited to: Managing/scheduling vendors, actuating through hulls, running and checking all systems onboard and reporting findings, starting and running vessel in and out of slip.

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