Yacht Management

For the owner who wants to step aboard, enjoy their yacht, and step off after a great weekend, and not worry about anything other than the next trip, YSD offers complete yacht management.

Starting at just $350/mo. – Includes but not limited to: Managing/scheduling vendors, actuating/lubricating through hulls, running and checking ALL systems onboard to report any findings, starting and running vessel monthly, in and out of slip. 

Fully customizable management

Fully customizable to suit you, your yacht, and your yachting lifestyle. We will take care of all of the details so that you can enjoy every minute aboard. Our seasoned team works hard behind the scenes to ensure that your yacht is maintained and ready to go when you are.

We will handle every aspect of ownership from weekly cleanings, preventative maintenance, fueling, mechanical and electrical services. We will be providing captains on call, and even provisioning and trip planning.

Step aboard in peace

You will step aboard with the peace of mind that your yacht is truly ready to go when you are. The services we provide can be combined into one monthly invoice, eliminating stress, coordination, and hassle.

Contact Yachting San Diego to create your own management plan!

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